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A metal garage door can sometimes get dented…

…specially when a car hits it. If you have a dented door the bad news is that you may have to replace the entire door. The good news is that you may have to replace only one section. That’s 1/4 of your door. You may also be able to straighten out the dent without replacing anything. To find out what your garage door’s future is, call us at 678-325-0179. Our phone consultations are always free.

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New Materials In Garage Door Construction

Chances are you don’t purchase a new garage door every day. That means that when it’s your turn to enter the market, you’ll probably want to acquaint yourself with the newer options.

Garage doors used to be made primarily of wood. If you drive into your garage door, you will damage it, but wood is resistant to denting. That’s no longer the case as manufacturers introduce garage doors made of steel and aluminum.

In the old days, a wood garage door was the mainstay of residential construction. In fact, you can still purchase a wood door today, but if you do, you’ll be one of the few people to do so.

Most people are purchasing steel or aluminum garage doors. Some of these garage doors are backed by rigid foam insulation. Steel Panels are usually made of 24 gage steel and they make a long lasting door that will provide excellent service for years to come.

Steel and aluminum garage doors are embossed with wood grain patterns or with a smooth finish. When shopping you’ll want to look for a model with a baked on primer and polyester topcoat. This combination of finishes will provide excellent protection against rust.

Warranties for metal doors start at 10 years, but limited lifetime coverage is also available.

Many of the newest models of garage doors are made of plastic. Plastic is a light material that has the added benefit of not requiring routine maintenance. Plastic garage doors are resistant to denting and corrosion and rot free. Best yet, their light weight allows them to operate very quietly. Plastic garage doors are highly durable, won’t fade in the sun and usually carry a 20 year warranty.

Plastic garage doors can be given a warm, wood-like appearance and can be made to compliment the style of any home.

The future looks bright for the continued advances in
the materials used in garage door construction.

One day you may be purchasing a garage door made with carbon fiber, glass or perhaps an acrylic composite material that will last a thousand years.

For great service with the installation, service or repair of any type of garage door just call us. We love working on garage doors and you’ll love our low prices.

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