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Garage Door Issues In Lawrenceville, GA 678-325-0179

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What do you do about your garage door issues? Most garage door issues are easily and inexpensively solved. To resolve your garage door issues just call us at 678-325-0179. We’ll do our best to help you solve your garage door issues over the phone for free. But if we can’t, we’ll make a prompt and inexpensive service call. We work on all types and brands of garage doors and openers and we carry all the parts necessary to get the job done quickly. And if replacing your garage door is necessary, you’ll find plenty of great looking garage doors are priced well within your budget.

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Discount Garage Door Issues In Lawrenceville, GA.

Many garage door companies carry cheap garage doors that they can sell at a “discount”. But do you really want such a door? The answer is probably, “No”.

The issue is that it is possible for a cheap garage door manufacturer to produce a very cheap door by reducing the amount of material used to make the door.

Also a very cheap door can be manufactured by designing a door that requires less labor to build. Lack of adequate material in your door is sure to cause garage door issues.

A door that is made of less robust materials and has fewer attachment points will not last very long. If you purchase one of these doors, you will soon be shopping for a replacement.

To avoid garage door issues, true “Discount Garage Doors” are rugged, made of quality materials and has had some care taken in their manufacture. It’s no bargain to purchase a cheap item and have it create a constant garage door issue.

To explore the difference between “discount” and “cheap”, give us a call at 678-325-0179. We’re always ready to talk “garage door” with you.

Here’s how to avoid garage door issues.

You’ll be happy to know that Lawrenceville Garage Door Service carries all types and styles of garage doors, from excellent discount garage doors, to garage doors that will add a “wow” factor to the appearance of your home.
To start the ball rolling on your discount garage door, call us at 678-325-0179.

For Discount Garage Doors In Lawrenceville, Call 678-325-0179.

Routine Maintenance Becomes Key To Avoiding Garage Door Issues

When was the last time you performed routine preventive maintenance on your garage door? Although your garage door is a great convenience and usually works well, virtually all home owners take it for granted.

According to a recent US survey, 45% of homeowners who have a garage use the garage door as the primary point of entry into their home. In addition, a separate survey indicates that 71% use their garage door openers to operate their garage doors.

This seems like enough evidence to convince anyone about the importance of regular maintenance for their garage doors and openers. An important thing to remember is that a garage door opener can easily raise a 450 pound double residential door. Therefore, if a door reverses as it is closing, it is logical that the door opening mechanism should be thoroughly checked out.

Here are some important routine preventive maintenance tips for your garage door and garage door opener.

Keep remote controls away from children and do not let them play with the wall control panel.

Semi-annually, you should deactivate the automatic garage door opener while the door is closed. Do this by pulling on the red cord or pull rope.

Then perform a balance test on your garage door. Once the garage door is disconnected from the garage door opener opener, check to verify if the garage door is properly balanced. Open the garage door half way. The garage door should remain there without you touching it. If this is not the case, you may have a garage door cable or spring malfunction. Call us so that we can further diagnose your problem.

Visually inspect your garage door’s rails, chain/belt and mounting brackets. Horizontal rails should always be parallel to insure that the door operates properly.

Lubricate all of your garage door’s metal parts twice a year with a proper metal lubricant. The same applies for weather seals. Make sure to use a silicone based lubricant. This will add years of worry-free operation to your garage door.

Do a reversal test on your garage door opener. This will ensure that the reversal mechanisms of your garage door opener are working. Since 1996, all garage door openers are equipped with two safety systems. The first one is a photocell system that will stop and reverse the motion of the door whenever a person or object passes through the light beam. The second system will stop and reverse the door automatically if it senses any resistance while the door is closing.

A little routine maintenance and care of your garage door and opener will go a long way to helping your garage door perform as it was designed and remain the convenience it was designed to be.

For great service with the installation, service or repair of any type of garage door just call us. We love working on garage doors and you’ll love our low prices.

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