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Garage Door Repair Insurance

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Garage door repair services really should retain three types of insurance. They are worker\’s compensation insurance, auto insurance and liability insurance.

Almost all garage door repair business carry both auto and liability insurance, so if ever you ask them if they are insured, they will most likely say yes.

Of course what they will fail to tell you is that they have insurance on their trucks. Since liability insurance is usually fairly inexpensive, they probable have that type of insurance as well.

Even so, you need to be more specific when you ask a garage door company if they carry insurance coverage. The kind of insurance they all really should carry, but maybe just 50 % of them do, is worker\’s compensation insurance.

The concern is that the work that is done by garage door service experts is dangerous. They are normally on top of a ladder and garage doors are remarkably heavy. If anything goes wrong, it can occasionally go very wrong.

This makes worker\’s compensation insurance really pricey.

If a less trustworthy business experiences a worker\’s compensation claim and doesn\’t have insurance, they simply close down the business, then open as a new business.

Some types of workers compensation insurance can cost as much to the business as the worker\’s hourly wage. No wonder that some businesses attempt to get around the worker\’s compensation requirements. Another method some businesses use to avoid worker\’s compensation is to declare that their employees are actually independent contractors.

That leads to another set of rules and laws that define when a business can declare a worker an independent contractor. If you read the rules, you will realize that most garage door companies can not declare their technicians independent contractors, but they do it anyway.

Sadly the technician, working with a less trustworthy business, who is hurt is going to be cheated out of his worker\’s compensation benefits. His only option is to bring suit. However, he won\’t take legal action against his company, who has certainly already stripped any assets he may have possessed in his company and opened another one. He\’s going to take legal action against you.

The lesson here is to examine your garage door provider for all three kinds of insurance, yet be most concerned about a lack of worker\’s compensation insurance. This is true of any provider sending technicians or laborers to your property.

Naturally you have home owners insurance coverage, right? There is one possible complication with homeowner\’s insurance. Depending on the way your specific insurance provider may operate, they may refuse to defend you or pay a claim because you didn\’t use due diligence in employing the contractor.

Now here\’s the important part. Be sure to ask any service provider who comes to your home for all his insurance documents. That includes auto, liability and worker\’s compensation. If he can not produce the documents, search for another contractor.

You might wonder how many contractors skip worker\’s compensation insurance. Of course no one really knows for sure, since garage door contractors and contractors of all types keep that information private. But it is best to be on your guard.